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Category: Kygo

Kygo – Kem Kan Eg Ringe Lyrics

(feat. Store P & Lars Vaular) Har ingenting å gi deg, eg må gi opp Har ingenting å si deg, eg må si opp Eg har bare vært nede altfor […]

Kygo & Chelsea Cutler – Not Ok Lyrics

Not Ok Lyrics by Kygo & Chelsea Cutler Seven months, two weeks and seven days Since I left, who’s counting anyway? But for me the only thing that’s changed Is […]

Kygo – Happy Now Lyrics

Happy Now Lyrics by Kygo Feat. Sandro Cavazza Released : 2018 We don’t want to believe it, that it’s all gone Just a matter of minutes, before the sun goes […]

Kygo – Remind Me to Forget Lyrics

Remind Me to Forget by Kygo Feat. Miguel Released : 2018 It never fades away, it’s staying Your kiss like broken glass on my skin And all the greatest loves […]

Kygo – I See You Lyrics

I See You by Kygo Released : 2017 You’re more than just a notch in my belt A story to tell The only thing on my mind And it’s keeping […]

Kygo – Permanent Lyrics

Permanent by Kygo Feat. JHart You just, you made it look easy It’s like you didn’t feel it Not like I do I followed, I followed the pieces I tried […]

Kygo – With You Lyrics

With You by Kygo Feat. Wrabel Released : 2017 Sitting at a bar with some friends Telling them the things that you said Left me with my heart in the […]

Kygo – Stranger Things Lyrics

Stranger Things by Kygo Feat. OneRepublic Released : 2017 Stranger things We’re like, we’re like a stranger things (very far) We’re stranger things (dream of places at) Cause that’s just […]

Kygo – Sunrise Lyrics

Sunrise by Kygo Released : 2017 [Jason Walker] Wake me up, my eyes are heavy And I need some sun, one hit and I am ready For whatever comes Nothing […]

Kygo – Kids In Love Lyrics

Kids In Love by Kygo Feat. Maja francis & The Night Game Released : 2017 [The Night Game:] This is our last goodbye Don’t come and find me So hard […]

Kygo – This Town Lyrics

This Town by Kygo Feat. Sasha Sloan Released : 2017 All of my friends are settling down They’re only kids but they’re married now Let’s follow the lights Let’s follow […]