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Category: KYLE

Snakehips – Gucci Rock N Rolla Lyrics

Gucci Rock N Rolla Lyrics by Snakehips (feat. Rivers Cuomo & Kyle) [Rivers Cuomo:] I’m not cool, f----- up on my school days I skipped class, drop-out since the 7th […]

KYLE – Hey Julie! Lyrics

Hey Julie! Lyrics KYLE feat. Lil Yachty [Lil Yachty & KYLE:] Yeah, Lil Boat KYLE, and Lil Boat [Lil Yachty:] Hey Julie, heard you got that wet, wet, wet Something […]

KYLE – Clouds Lyrics

Clouds by KYLE Released : 2018 Ay one more, my bad Wakin’ up inside my bed Lookin’ around at all I have The only thing missing is what I want […]

KYLE – It’s Yours Lyrics

It’s Yours by KYLE Released : 2018 Ooh, yep Hmm Stop tellin’ me yes Stop tellin’ me no Start takin’ control I’m just doin’ what you said, ooh I should […]

KYLE – Rodeo Lyrics

Rodeo by KYLE Released : 2018 Whoo! Mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, aye, mmm You graduated college, and you still don’t do s--- (still don’t do s---) You […]

KYLE – ShipTrip Lyrics

ShipTrip by KYLE Released : 2018 Hey Kyle, oh yeah, it’s me dude I wanted to know if me and my pride could squeeze through See I don’t socialize much […]

KYLE – ​iMissMe Lyrics

​iMissMe by KYLE Feat. Khalid Released : 2018 [KYLE:] Let’s just split the cost And say it’s both our faults I tried to find my point And somewhere I got […]

KYLE – Playinwitme Lyrics

Playinwitme by KYLE Feat. Kehlani Released : 2018 [KYLE:] Girl, why are you playin’ with me? Girl, who are you playin’ with? You’ve been on that new stuff I’ve been […]

KYLE – To The Moon Lyrics

To The Moon by KYLE Released : 2018 (Pshhh) Oh, wow This view is crazy, ooh Ooh, this is my s---, ay Ooh, this is my s---, ay That’s what […]

KYLE – OpenDoors Lyrics

OpenDoors by KYLE Feat. Avery Wilson Released : 2018 Having girl problems, huh? Mmm-mmm, nah Nah, I’m good You sound like it n---- I only heard light-skinned n----- sing like […]

KYLE – Games Lyrics

Games by KYLE Released : 2018 Oh I get it, ohh Y’all n----- thought this was a game, huh? Yeah I wanna play real games (ooh), not no CPU (ooh) […]

KYLE – Zoom Lyrics

Zoom by KYLE Released : 2018 And I zoom (yep, yep) Yep, yep yep Yep, yep yep Yep, yep yep And I zoom, right on past my problems Henny in […]

KYLE – Coming, Going? Lyrics

Coming, Going? by KYLE Feat. Take 6 Released : 2018 Yeah Yep yep, yo Hmm [Verse 1] So is you coming or going? Hey I need to know, yeah ‘Cause […]

KYLE – Ups & Downs Lyrics

Ups & Downs by KYLE Released : 2018 How brave do I become when truly loved? My overwhelmin’ feels are overcome I might even hit the blunt And I don’t […]

Light Of Mine

KYLE – Light Of Mine (Album Lyrics)

Album : Light Of Mine Release Date: May 18, 2018 Genre : Hip-Hop/Rap Tracklist: 01.  Ups & Downs 02.  Coming, Going? (feat. Take 6) 03.  Zoom 04.  Ikuyo (feat. 2 […]