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Category: L.A.B.

L.A.B. - Yes I Do Lyrics

L.A.B. – Yes I Do Lyrics

Yes I Do Lyrics – L.A.B. Do you know what’s going on? Take me by the hand singing “Yes I Do” Hear me out, I’ll sing a song Can you […]

L.A.B. - Never Give Up Lyrics

L.A.B. – Never Give Up Lyrics

Never Give Up Lyrics – L.A.B. I get feelings for no reasons When I hear you breathing makes me hit the ceiling See you in the corner, I just wanna […]

L.A.B. - No Roots Lyrics

L.A.B. – No Roots Lyrics

No Roots Lyrics – L.A.B. That thing, I walk by the river Remembering the days of young My mum, the food she delivered Our bellies were so full and fun […]

L.A.B. - IJDK Lyrics

L.A.B. – IJDK Lyrics

IJDK Lyrics – L.A.B. You’re the one, the supernova I just want to make you my queen No one else will know what we’re doing I’m loving all the in […]

L.A.B. - Operator Lyrics

L.A.B. – Operator Lyrics

Operator Lyrics – L.A.B. Move along every man, cause you don’t want me no more Tried to pull you in my plan, cause I just want you more You got […]

L.A.B. - My Baby Lyrics

L.A.B. – My Baby Lyrics

My Baby Lyrics – L.A.B. Oh yeah Now baby come back, oh you make me feel so good Baby come back, I love it when you’re in my hood I […]