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Category: Lauren Jenkins

Album: No Saint (2019)

01. “Give Up The Ghost
02. “You’ll Never Know
03. “Maker’s Mark And You
04. “Payday
05. “No Saint
06. “Running Out Of Road
07. “Cadillac
08. “My Bar
09. “All Good Things
10. “Blood

Lauren Jenkins – Blood Lyrics

Blood Lyrics By Lauren Jenkins Do another round of cocaine ’cause the whiskey done wore off Sell your soul another lie ’cause the truth won’t get you off Your face […]

Lauren Jenkins – All Good Things Lyrics

All Good Things Lyrics By Lauren Jenkins The whole world’s lookin’ over their shoulder For a four leaf clover, are we ever gonna find it? Waitin’ on a ship that’s […]

Lauren Jenkins – My Bar Lyrics

My Bar Lyrics By Lauren Jenkins Of all the places in this town You had to bring her around The only place you knew I’d be So you could make […]

Lauren Jenkins – Cadillac Lyrics

Lauren Jenkins – Cadillac Lyrics

Cadillac Lyrics By Lauren Jenkins Sometimes I wanna pack up Go where no one can find me Drive all night ’til I wake up Somewhere with the world behind me […]

Lauren Jenkins – No Saint Lyrics

No Saint Lyrics By Lauren Jenkins You say I’m an angel, and angels don’t get low Baby, you broke my wings oh so long ago I thought it’d make me […]