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Category: Layton Greene

Layton Greene – Knives Lyrics

Knives by Layton Greene: Knives Lyrics: I can hear your phone vibrate (Yeah) From your nightstand on the side of your bed All through the night, I’m irate (Irate) And I just seen your […]

Layton Greene – I Choose Lyrics

I Choose by Layton Greene: I Choose Lyrics: Calling your phone, you don’t pick up You ain’t with me, are you with her? You call me crazy to think of All of the […]

Layton Greene – Choices Lyrics

Choices by Layton Greene: Choices Lyrics: Damn, this Backwood got me feeling light Let’s talk about how I’m scared of commitment Let’s talk about how I got in this position Let’s talk about […]

Layton Greene – I Love You Lyrics

I Love You by Layton Greene: I Love You Lyrics: Under the impression you was feeling me Under the impression you was real with me Was it all a lie? Was it fantasy? […]

Layton Greene – Never Knew Lyrics

Never Knew by Layton Greene: Never Knew Lyrics: All that I needed, I found in you You showed me love that I never knew You held me down when I needed a shoulder […]

Layton Greene – Blame On Me Lyrics

Blame On Me by Layton Greene: Blame On Me Lyrics: Mama getting high up in the kitchen Daddy wasn’t there, yeah, he was missing Nobody was there to even listen I kept all […]