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Category: Lecrae

Lecrae - Rich And Famous Lyrics

Lecrae – Rich And Famous Lyrics

Rich And Famous Lyrics – Lecrae SAK PASE Yeah, ayy Coast to coast, now these people know my name Hit new lows, the higher you go the more empty space […]

Lecrae - Restore Me Lyrics

Lecrae – Restore Me Lyrics

Restore Me By Lecrae I lost everything I had inside a couple years Lost my faith, I lost my mind, I lost a lot of tears I spoke up about […]

Lecrae - Wheels Up Lyrics

Lecrae – Wheels Up Lyrics

Wheels Up By Lecrae And for one second all my problems Fade to gray like no one saw them I get a God’s eye view on everything Looking out my […]

Lecrae - Over the Top Lyrics

Lecrae – Over the Top Lyrics

Over the Top By Lecrae Over the top, uh (Top) Ain’t none left, uh (None left) Saw my spot, uh I’m off the shelf, uh (Money) Over the top, uh […]

Lecrae - Self Discovery Lyrics

Lecrae – Self Discovery Lyrics

Self Discovery By Lecrae He was a smart kid It was always about Lecrae because he was the baby We knew he had something in him Never expected this though […]

Lecrae - Saturday Night Lyrics

Lecrae – Saturday Night Lyrics

Saturday Night By Lecrae Is this real? This is all unknown Makes me feel Is this real? Going down and back and forth And all these ways it makes me […]