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Category: Lena

Lena – ok Lyrics

ok Lyrics by Lena Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. Song: “ok” Lyrics Artist: Lena Release date: April 5, 2019 Genre: Pop Album: Only Love, L Tracklist: […]

Lena – boundaries Lyrics

boundaries Lyrics by Lena Are you threatened by me Are you threatened by my honesty I will take my space to breathe No, you won’t mess with me Who do […]

Lena – skinny bitch Lyrics

skinny b---- Lyrics by Lena Are you talkin’ ’bout me? Do you care how I feel? Did you just make that up? Do you know if it’s for real? Did […]

Lena – stuck inside Lyrics

stuck inside Lyrics by Lena I grew up with you Played hockey in the streets We wore our inline skates [?] would scrap on these We would play “Dress up […]

Lena – don’t lie to me Lyrics

don’t lie to me Lyrics by Lena You were blind, I know you couldn’t see it But in the end, it just feels like you’ve cheated right to my face […]

Lena – love Lyrics

love Lyrics by Lena Haven’t felt like myself in a month and I Didn’t know why Was a punch in the gut when I, when I realized Have to feel […]

Lena – note to myself Lyrics

note to myself Lyrics by Lena You look at me, I look at you Not sure what we are gonna do Hold your breath, I’ll breathe for you Ain’t that […]

Lena – life was a beach Lyrics

life was a beach Lyrics by Lena So many weeks still hard to sleep In this kingsize bed alone Thoughts in my head, keep coming back I can’t seem to […]

Lena – scared Lyrics

scared Lyrics by Lena What am I afraid of the most? Being left out or get in to close Taking blame for being me Open up and still I won’t […]

Lena – private thoughts Lyrics

private thoughts Lyrics by Lena If I tell you all my secrets Would you love me? Ohh If I showed you all the darkness Would you stay or leave? Ohh […]

Lena – thank you Lyrics

thank you Lyrics by Lena Decided to smile instead of hide away Surrounded by visions to keep me safe, yeah We all have knocks, and yes, I know it’s tough, […]

Lena – dear L Lyrics

dear L Lyrics by Lena Mhm, dear L, I hope this find you well This is a letter from yourself, yeah Mhm, dear L, yeah, I know you are afraid […]

Lena – sex in the morning Lyrics

s-- in the morning Lyrics by Lena (feat. Ramz) Young Jugglerz! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Lena] I need a love O.D Stay here, boy, don’t leave Topless and the bed […]