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Category: LÉON

LÉON – What You Said Lyrics

What You Said Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] We’re standing still in silence, hearing the water drip Can’t keep the tears from falling, if only you’d look at me And all […]

LÉON – Pink Lyrics

Pink Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] Smoking blues, sipping red And I picture us inside my head, I I dream onto a place Where I’m having you all to myself See […]

LÉON – Better in the Dark Lyrics

Better in the Dark Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] We’re happy hiding in the shadows Doing what lovers do We never talk about tomorrow No, that ain’t what we do [LÉON] […]

LÉON – Come Home to Me Lyrics

Come Home to Me Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] I left in the pouring rain Saying I wouldn’t be home again I get so caught between everything I feel I’m stubborn […]

LÉON – Hope is a Heartache Lyrics

Hope is a Heartache Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] Stuck in emotions and I don’t know what they mean Keep thinking about us and how things get in between But if […]

LÉON – Lost Time Lyrics

Lost Time Lyrics By LÉON [LÉON] Tumbling dice, tears in my eyes Drowning in neon lights Whatever got me through the night Whatever got me through the night Bottomless glass, […]

LÉON – You And I Lyrics

You And I Lyrics by LÉON [LÉON] Seeing the sun go down against staying in my bed for too long now Heard you were out last night My friends say […]

LÉON – Falling Lyrics

Falling Lyrics by LÉON Ever since you left me I’ve been dancing on my own Maybe down the line I’ll feel better all alone But I don’t wanna talk to […]

LÉON – Baby Don’t Talk Lyrics

Baby Don’t Talk by LÉON Released : 2018 You got my heartbeat trippin’ All the way, all the way to your door You got the love I’m missing Everyday, so […]