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Category: LÉON

LÉON - CrazyStupid Lyrics

LÉON – Crazy/Stupid Lyrics

Crazy/Stupid Lyrics – LÉON Star-crossed lovers I can’t help but wonder Did I ever leave your mind? Late night summer In your room I want your body next to mine […]

LÉON - Falling Apart Lyrics

LÉON – Falling Apart Lyrics

Falling Apart Lyrics – LÉON Sayin’ I’ll come back Might make it easier to leave Need to run free for a while I need some time to breathe Yeah, I […]

LÉON - Who You Lovin Lyrics

LÉON – Who You Lovin Lyrics

Who You Lovin Lyrics – LÉON Day and night, I been worrying Tryna shake you off of me All this time I spent hurting Wonder what you think of me […]

LÉON - Seventeen Lyrics

LÉON – Seventeen Lyrics

Seventeen Lyrics – LÉON Crowd is leaving and I can’t even think Got a feeling that I can’t seem to say Wishful thinking won’t look my way I used to […]

LÉON - Tell Me Lyrics

LÉON – Tell Me Lyrics

Tell Me Lyrics – LÉON Tell me something, I just need to know There are reasons why we always stay together These memories won’t seem to let me go A […]