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Category: Leven Kali

Leven Kali - 1 On 1 Lyrics

Leven Kali – 1 On 1 Lyrics

“1 On 1” Released May 10, 2019 by Leven Kali [Leven Kali] Uh, baby, there’s some one on one s--- I’m about to call this car for us ’cause I […]

Leven Kali – Mad At U Lyrics

Mad At U Lyrics by Leven Kali Leven Kali “Mad At U” release date : April 30, 2019 [Leven Kali] I’d rather be mad at you Than be faking and […]

Leven Kali – Sumwrong Lyrics

When I look in your eyes It’s so easy to see It’s so easy to cry It’s so easy to leave But baby, I’m by your side (Uh huh) Tell […]

Leven Kali – Do U Wrong Lyrics

Do U Wrong by Leven Kali Feat. Syd Released : 2018 Baby won’t you let me ride? Tell me what you like I can’t read your mind Bad as I […]