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Category: Lewis Capaldi

Breach – EP (2018)

1.  Tough
2.  Grace
3.  Someone You Loved
4.  Something Borrowed

Lewis Capaldi – Headspace Lyrics

Headspace by Lewis Capaldi Salt of the earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end Well, you tracked down all the lines you drew And I can […]

Lewis Capaldi – Hollywood Lyrics

Lewis Capaldi – Hollywood Lyrics

Hollywood by Lewis Capaldi Out of focus, didn’t take a second to notice Now we’re separated by oceans, vast Couldn’t make this last I wish I’d have stayed ‘Cause love […]

Lewis Capaldi – One Lyrics

One by Lewis Capaldi Long hours in a few dying flowers But you never seem to stick around How could you let something so good Go to waste and bleed […]

Lewis Capaldi – Forever Lyrics

Forever by Lewis Capaldi Caught me off guard, I wish that I’d been sober Still, here we are, back in Hanover 99 Just like old times all over Under the […]

Lewis Capaldi – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe by Lewis Capaldi I’ve said a thousand things before I’ve fallen in and out of love I couldn’t walk but tried to run At night the weight of expectation […]