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Category: Lewis Capaldi

Breach – EP (2018)

1.  Tough
2.  Grace
3.  Someone You Loved
4.  Something Borrowed

Lewis Capaldi – Headspace Lyrics

Headspace by Lewis Capaldi Salt of the earth, my friend It’s all that we are in the end Well, you tracked down all the lines you drew And I can […]

Lewis Capaldi – Hollywood Lyrics

Lewis Capaldi – Hollywood Lyrics

Hollywood by Lewis Capaldi Out of focus, didn’t take a second to notice Now we’re separated by oceans, vast Couldn’t make this last I wish I’d have stayed ‘Cause love […]

Lewis Capaldi – One Lyrics

One by Lewis Capaldi Long hours in a few dying flowers But you never seem to stick around How could you let something so good Go to waste and bleed […]

Lewis Capaldi – Forever Lyrics

Forever by Lewis Capaldi Caught me off guard, I wish that I’d been sober Still, here we are, back in Hanover 99 Just like old times all over Under the […]

Lewis Capaldi – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe by Lewis Capaldi I’ve said a thousand things before I’ve fallen in and out of love I couldn’t walk but tried to run At night the weight of expectation […]

Lewis Capaldi – Grace Lyrics

Grace Lyrics by Lewis Capaldi I’m not ready to be just another of your mistakes I can’t seem to drown you out long enough I fell victim to the sound […]

Lewis Capaldi – Tough Lyrics

Tough Lyrics by Lewis Capaldi Every little part of me is holding on to every little piece of you Is holding on to every drop of blood you drew Is […]

Lewis Capaldi – Mercy Lyrics

Mercy by Lewis Capaldi Released : 2017 For every second you’ve been talking I’ve been trying to count the lines around your face Cause I don’t know if I’ll ever […]

Lewis Capaldi – Fade Lyrics

Fade by Lewis Capaldi Released : 2017 It ain’t no wonder why we lose control When we’re always heart attack away from falling in love Well, I know that we’ve […]