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Category: Liam Payne

Liam Payne – Remember Lyrics

Remember By Liam Payne How do you love someone? How do you love someone so much it makes you hate them? Because you can’t replace ’em Why do I still […]

Liam Payne – Live Forever Lyrics

Live Forever By Liam Payne Jaded, Faded Self-medicated I didn’t know I was waiting for you, yeah yeah Broken, smoking ‘Til you came into focus Sobered me up off of […]

Liam Payne – Get Low Lyrics

Get Low By Liam Payne Chained to a love But that don’t mean much Sensitive tough, you don’t get enough I’ve been drowning in you, lost in the rush Faded, […]

Liam Payne – Weekend Lyrics

Weekend By Liam Payne I said it wrong, but I meant it right But you’re the only one who would know Yeah, it’s so faded, right? But I was the […]

Liam Payne – Rude Hours Lyrics

Rude Hours By Liam Payne Meet me in the parking lot Yeah, might be a bad idea, I prob’ly do your ass in the car You’ll say, “Quit being naughty” […]