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Category: LightSkinKeisha

LightSkinKeisha – Monkey Lyrics

Monkey By LightSkinKeisha I go monkey on the dick, money on the dick, monkey Put it deep inside, make me feel it in my stomach I know how to take […]

LightSkinKeisha – Face Down Lyrics

Face Down By LightSkinKeisha think we fuckin’ got one It’s trap season, bruh Don’t be talking boss shit if you ain’t really ’bout it ‘Cause I’mma pull your card, make […]

LightSkinKeisha – Stanley Steamer Lyrics

Stanley Steamer By LightSkinKeisha Pulled up in the range, this ain’t no motherfucking beamer Everytime I step out I get clean like Stanley Steamer Bitch was talking shit, but ain’t […]

LightSkinKeisha – PBWA Lyrics

PBWA By LightSkinKeisha Sorry you’re a dumbass (I ann’t never been with all the cappin’) Where’s the fuckin’ Patron, man? Pour me up, yeah? (Bitch) Yo, Tree, pour me the […]