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Category: Lil AK

Clout Chasers (2018)

01. Chug Jug
02. Durag
03. Celina
04. Super Lit

Lil AK – Super Lit Lyrics

Super Lit Lyrics by Lil AK [Lil AK] Stoner made the beat [Lil AK] Super lit, yeah, it’s super lit, yeah All my squad doing figure for a flips, yeah […]

Lil AK – Celina Lyrics

Celina Lyrics by Lil AK [Lil AK] I could dick you, but my heart is what you can’t get ‘Cause you fucked a bunch of niggas that I hang with […]

Lil AK – Chug Jug Lyrics

Chug Jug Lyrics by Lil AK [Lil AK] Luce No lyrics, I’ma just pop out Uh, uh Uh [Lil AK] I got all the buzz, yeah, yeah She said “Lil […]

Lil AK – DURAG Lyrics

DURAG Lyrics by Lil AK [Lil AK] Chain, chain, chain Woo! Two4 Sip a little bit of alchohol, not gonna lie Mm, ah, yo [Lil AK] Bringing the pain, bringing […]