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Category: Lil Peep

Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 (2018)

01. Broken Smile (My All)
02. Runaway
03. Sex with My Ex
04. Cry Alone
05. Leanin’
06. 16 Lines
07. Life is Beautiful
08. Hate Me
10. White Girl
11. Fingers
12. Falling Down
13. Sunlight On Your Skin

Lil Peep – White Tee Lyrics

White Tee By Lil Peep I used to think I love you, now I know it ain’t true Now I know it’s not you, 50 on my boxers B----, I […]

Lil Peep – Cobain Lyrics

Cobain By Lil Peep I just fell in love with a bad b---- Told me that she love me too, baby, I’m not havin’ it Sniffin’ cocaine, ’cause I didn’t […]

Lil Peep – Witchblades Lyrics

Witchblades By Lil Peep MoneyPosse Ooh, Bi-Big Head on the beat Switchblades, cocaine GothBoiClique, make a ho shake Black fur, black coat GothBoiClique in the back, ho Switchblades, cocaine GothBoiClique, […]

Lil Peep – Belgium Lyrics

Belgium By Lil Peep I’m a punk star You don’t mind and I don’t mind at all (At all) You act kind, I don’t act kind at all I ask […]

Lil Peep – Moving On Lyrics

Carrie By Landon Cube Lyrics B----, I feel like Fish Narc I’m kissin’ styrofoam Who know what I be on, that’s what I be on She know what I be […]

Lil Peep – Star Shopping Lyrics

Star Shopping Lyrics by Lil Peep [Lil Peep] Wait right here I’ll be back in the mornin’ I know that I’m not that important to you But to me, girl, […]

Lil Peep – Gym Class Lyrics

Gym Class Lyrics by Lil Peep [Lil Peep] Whip it like a Nascar, I can see the time pass Feel like I’m in high school, f------ me in gym class […]

Lil Peep – Fingers Lyrics

Fingers Lyrics by Lil Peep Everyone hates me, but nobody knows me Where did the time go, could somebody show me? Getting a ride slow, you know where I’m going […]

Lil Peep – White Girl Lyrics

White Girl Lyrics by Lil Peep Now you want me, took a lot to make you want me now Now you want me, took a lot to make you want […]

Lil Peep – IDGAF Lyrics

IDGAF Lyrics by Lil Peep She a groupie That b---- a junkie P---- gooey Smellin’ funky Who gon’ f--- me Who gon’ f--- me Who gon’ f--- me, yea You […]

Lil Peep – Hate Me Lyrics

Hate Me Lyrics by Lil Peep Well I know I wanna take you, leave you alone, eh (Hello?) I don’t really know where I’m tryin’ to go But I know […]

Lil Peep – 16 Lines Lyrics

16 Lines Lyrics by Lil Peep 16 lines of blow and I’m fine Break my bones but act as my spine I wonder who you’ll f--- when I die And […]