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Category: Lil Peep

Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 (2018)

01. Broken Smile (My All)
02. Runaway
03. Sex with My Ex
04. Cry Alone
05. Leanin’
06. 16 Lines
07. Life is Beautiful
08. Hate Me
10. White Girl
11. Fingers
12. Falling Down
13. Sunlight On Your Skin

Lil Peep – Come Around Lyrics

Come Around By Lil Peep I can’t feel that much sometimes These drugs could kill me, yeah Disappear into my mind where I can’t feel a thing When the sky […]

Lil Peep – Shiver Lyrics

Shiver By Lil Peep Lookin’ for a reason to live, I can’t find shit (Ayy) So, I’m squeezin’ the trigger, I let my mind split Up into bits and pieces […]

Lil Peep – M.O.S. Lyrics

M.O.S. By Lil Peep Big things comin’, Schema Boys thuggin’ It’s the posse, bitch, we runnin’ shit and no, it ain’t nothin’ Maxed out, shawty, now my battery full I […]

Lil Peep – Drugz Lyrics

Drugz By Lil Peep Yeah, I do them drugs I don’t give a fuck what you think I got blood, I got mud I got bud, I got drank Only […]

Lil Peep – Fangirl Lyrics

Fangirl By Lil Peep Bitch I feel like Fish Narc BetterOffDead Nigga Callin’, shawty callin’, why you call girl? She can’t understand me, she a fan girl (Nah) Big bands, […]