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Gazzy Garcia, known professionally as Lil Pump, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his 2017 song “Gucci Gang”, which peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and is certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America

Lil Pump – Pull Up Lyrics

Lyrics to Pull Up by Lil Pump Ooh, woah Soo, woah CB on the beat Ooh, woah (Why?) Yeah, Jetski Ooh (Why?), woah Yeah, esskeetit (Why?) Woah Shut the fuck

Lil Pump – Ain’t With That Lyrics

Lyrics to Ain’t With That by Lil Pump Carnage, you a fool, you crazy Aight, bet You don’t gotta tell me twice Ooh Lightskin bitch with some face tats (Hmm)

Lil Pump – I Don’t Mind Lyrics

Lyrics to I Don’t Mind by Lil Pump (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) Thank You Fizzle I love bad bitches but they not my problem I love bad bitches but

Lil Pump – No Hook Lyrics

Lyrics to No Hook by Lil Pump & Rio Da Yung Og CB on the beat Uh, Jetski, brr You ever seen two pregnant bitches in a fist fight? Huh?

Lil Pump – Pump Rock x Heavy Metal Lyrics

Lyrics to Pump Rock x Heavy Metal by Lil Pump (CB on the beat) Yeah (Yeah), yeah Yeah (Yeah), ayy Pump rock shit (Yeah) Slit my wrists (Slit) Fuck that

Lil Pump – Till I See You Lyrics

Lyrics to Till I See You by Lil Pump & Smokepurpp Ooh, Jetski Esskeetit (Gucci Gang) Wait ’til I see you, I’ma see you (Bitch) Big Desert Eagle, I’ma shoot

Lil Pump – Don’t Like Me Lyrics

Lyrics to Don’t Like Me by Lil Pump Ooh, Jetski Brand new SB’s, I’ma stomp ’em out in my Nikes (Nikes) New SRT, I don’t give a fuck if a

Lil Pump – Fendi On Fendi Lyrics

Lyrics to Fendi On Fendi by Lil Pump Ooh, yeah Ooh, Bi-Bighead on the beat Fendi on Fendi (Ooh) Talkin’ bout hoes, young nigga got plenty (Yeah) Fendi on Fendi

Lil Pump – Move It Lyrics

Lyrics to Move It by Lil Pump Me and Ronny threw a million in the vault, yeah (Ooh) Lil Pump, yeah (Oh my God, Ronny) Work ’em in ’til dawn,

Lil Pump – Wok Lyrics

Lyrics to Wok by Lil Pump CB on the beat Yeah, ooh, yeah Jet, hmm Uh Sippin’ Wokanda, I don’t sip no Tris (Ooh) I spent like 150k on my

Lil Pump – Swipe Lyrics

Lyrics to Swipe by Lil Pump & G4 Boyz CB on the beat Ooh, Bi-Bighead on the beat Yeah Pull out my card, then swipe (Woah) Pull out my card,

Lil Pump & Smokepurpp – Tesla Lyrics

Tesla Lyrics – Lil Pump & Smokepurpp (feat. Smokepurpp) Butterfly doors go up on a Tesla (Ooh) Send that bitch back in a greyhound, she’s an extra (Yeah, yeah) Teach

Lil Pump – She Know Lyrics

She Know Lyrics – Lil Pump (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) She know, she know, she know, she know, she know Yeah, she know she a problem She know, she know

Lil Pump – Mosh Pit Lyrics

Mosh Pit Lyrics – Lil Pump [Intro] CB on the beat Yeah Woah Jetski, bitch (Yeah) Uh [Chorus] Moshpit, jump in this shit (Yeah) and get drop-kicked (Ooh) Aww, shit

Lil Pump – I’m Back Lyrics

I’m Back Lyrics – Lil Pump CB on the beat Yeah, Jetski I’m back (Ooh), my whip got a whole lot of straps (Woah, yeah, yeah) McLaren (Brr), two-hundred, I’m

Lil Pump – Splurgin Lyrics

Splurgin Lyrics – Lil Pump CB on the beat Ooh, yeah Lil Pump Whoa Walk into Neiman, I’m splurging (cute) Hop in a Lamb’ and I’m swerving (ooh) Count so

Lil Pump – 1ST OFF Lyrics

1ST OFF Lyrics – Lil Pump CB on the beat Uh Ooh (Yeah), ooh (Yeah) Ooh (Uh), yeah (Uh) Yeah (Brr), woah (Yeah) Brr (Jetski, huh?) Yeah, yeah First off,

Lil Pump – All The Sudden Lyrics

All The Sudden Lyrics – Lil Pump Ooh, yeah CB on the beat All the sudden, throwin’ 50’s and 100’s (Ooh) Took a jet and I flew straight out to

Lil Pump – Mona Lisa Lyrics

Mona Lisa Lyrics – Lil Pump Ay man shout out to all them bitches man Shout out to mona lisa feel me (you know what the fuck going on man)

Lil Pump & Ronny J – Do What I Want Lyrics

Do What I Want Lyrics – Lil Pump & Ronny J I ain’t runnin’ from nothing Ooh, esskeetit, yeah Jetski Ooh (Ooh) Do what I want, do what I want