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Category: Lil TJay


01. Pa$to
02. Ready for War (Feat. YNW Melly)
03. Bad To The Bone
04. Never Outside
05. New Year’s Resolution


Took Me Away
Wet Em Up

Lil Tjay - Losses Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Losses Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Losses Lyrics Lil Tjay Oh, oh, oh, oh Can’t change, I remember what I’ve been through So when I spit, no need for pencils Traumatized, shit be […]

Lil Tjay - On Me Lyrics

Lil Tjay – On Me Lyrics

On Me Lyrics By Lil Tjay Glizzy by my side gotta keep that thing on me Nina down to ride they gon’ never change on me Brodie in the foreign […]

Lil Tjay - Try Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Try Lyrics

Try By Lil Tjay Yeah, Lil Tjay Next nigga try, we gon’ leave him in the sky Choppa’ll make a nigga die Pray I don’t miss, I might X you […]

Lil Tjay – My City Lyrics

My City By Lil Tjay Aria made this Every night there’s a murder in my city Every time think about it that shit hit me [?] So I choose to […]

Lil Tjay – City on My Back Lyrics

City on My Back By Lil Tjay Grr, boom, boom Yo, Ril, this shit crazy Ayo, niggas might not understand what I do, what I do right now Hopefully [?] […]

Lil Tjay – Shoot For the Stars Lyrics

Shoot For the Stars By Lil Tjay [Fivio Foreign, Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay] Grr, ayy (Ah) Nah, bow-bow-bow-bow (Woo) Bow-bow-bow-bow (Hahaha), bow Bitch, I’m from Zoo York, Zoo York […]