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Category: Lil TJay


01. Pa$to
02. Ready for War (Feat. YNW Melly)
03. Bad To The Bone
04. Never Outside
05. New Year’s Resolution


Took Me Away
Wet Em Up

Drama Relax – Your Love Lyrics

(feat. Tory Lanez & Lil Tjay) Yeah, girl, I need your love Can you show me how to fall in love? Ain’t no need to rush I just feel something […]

Lil Tjay – Resume Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Resume Lyrics

Resume Lyrics by Lil Tjay [Lil TJay] Lil TJay Uh [Lil TJay] I pop out in all new designer Smellin’ like Dolce Gabbana Rollin’ up m-------- Ya b---- had me […]

Lil Tjay – Brothers Lyrics

Lil Tjay – Brothers Lyrics

Brothers Lyrics by Lil Tjay [Lil Tjay] Big bag don’t mean everything wavy I got 99 problems like Jay Z Caught a felony, judge tried to slave me Lost my […]

Lil Tjay – None Of Your Love Lyrics

None Of Your Love Lyrics by Lil Tjay [Lil Tjay] Oh, for you, I would’ve done whatever And I just can’t believe we ain’t together And I wanna play it […]

Lil Tjay – Never Outside Lyrics

Never Outside Lyrics by Lil Tjay You ain’t never outside, better stay in school Young n---- traumatized, brody on the news Ain’t no playin’ both sides better pick and choose […]

Lil Tjay – Ready for War Lyrics

Ready for War Lyrics by Lil Tjay (Feat. YNW Melly) Lil Tjay When you see me rockin’ my chain Got like 20k in my link N---- no i never felt […]

Lil Tjay – Pa$to Lyrics

Pa$to Lyrics by Lil Tjay Whatchu know about playing in the field? Growing up young n----- playing with a stick Never would i ever switch sides if i’m ever gon’ […]

Lil Tjay – Holy Lyrics

Holy Lyrics Lil Tjay Day after day, it was night after night Hiddin’ my emotions, drinking sprite after sprite Red beam, keep my aim sharp like a knife Now my […]

Lil TJay – Wet Em Up Lyrics

Wet Em Up by Lil TJay And i know what you want Tryna roll me and a blunt Damn pushy n---- front You could get slummed Duece 5 wet em […]