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Category: Lil Tracy

Lil Tracy – Shame Lyrics

Shame by Lil Tracy: Got a lot of tattoos and a lot of cash too And my car brand new, skrrt skrrt, vroom vroom I got a lot of tattoos […]

Lil Tracy – Rich Dropout Lyrics

Rich Dropout by Lil Tracy: Don’t ever act like you know me That was the old me Don’t ever act like you know me Even if you did, baby, that […]

Lil Tracy – Halo Lyrics

Halo by Lil Tracy: I promise I’ll ride, for you til’ I die I get paid every time, I step outside Money doesn’t make you happy, I thought that was […]

Lil Tracy – Tight Rope Lyrics

Tight Rope by Lil Tracy: Yeah, bust a nut on her face Then I threw out the cape ‘Cause that bitch can’t get saved Took my foot off the brake, […]

Lil Tracy – Ghost Lyrics

Ghost by Lil Tracy: I’ll wipe your tears before they fall (Fall) Don’t believe them, it’s not your fault (Fault) I hear a ghost inside my walls (Walls) I can’t […]