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Category: Lil Xan

HEARTBREAK SOLDIERS PT. 2 (2019) Track Listing:
01. Warsaw
03. Dogs At Nights
04. Lil HeartBreak
05. Free Tay K
06. Sunshine
07. Butterfly
08. Her
09. Annie
10. War Ready!

Lil Xan – Willow Lyrics

Willow By Lil Xan Kinfolk Jon Yeah, yeah, yeah Brand new crib-o (yeah) Real, real, real big crib-o Said that I won’t but I Will, like Smith I smoke trees […]

Lil Xan – Baby You Love Me Lyrics

Baby You Love Me By Lil Xan Lyrics (Ooh-ooh) Baby, you love me (Ooh-ooh) Baby, you love me (Ooh-ooh) Baby you- hahaha, yeah, yeah Let’s go, let’s go Baby, you […]

Lucifena & Lil Xan – Lost At Sea Lyrics

Lost At Sea by Lucifena & Lil Xan Let’s go, Tayo! Morgoth Beatz I’ve been lost up in the sea Feel like drowning, sinking deep I’ve been lost up in the sea Feel […]

Lil Xan – Like Me Lyrics

Like Me by Lil Xan Xanarchy So heart broke I ain’t dead yet Yeah Louis V, gold teeth Gucci bag full of lean Balenciaga, fuck a Prada Saint Lauren, smoke […]

Lil Xan – Midnight in Prague Lyrics

[Lil Xan] Ayy, Midnight in Prague (Yeah) Midnight in Prague (Hmm) Midnight in Prague (Hmm, hmm) Sweet Midnight in Prague, yeah (Hmm) Yeah (Hmm) Yeah, ayy (Can’t afford though) What? […]

Lil Xan – Bloody Nose Lyrics

Get the money fuck them hoe’s I like girls with pretty toes I like getting head some dome Wrote this with a bloody nose Get the money fuck them hoe’s […]