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Category: Lily & Madeleine

Canterbury Girls (Album 2019)

01. “Self Care
02. “Supernatural Sadness
03. “Just Do It
04. “Canterbury Girls
05. “Bruises
06. “Pachinko Song
07. “Circles
08. “Can’t Help The Way I Feel
09. “Analog Love
10. “Go

Lily & Madeleine – Analog Love Lyrics

Analog Love Lyrics By Sonreal Let’s meet at midnight, under that sign Don’t need remindin’, just be on time Breathing in, the smoky air Clings to us but we don’t […]

Lily & Madeleine – Circles Lyrics

Circles Lyrics By Sonreal I’m running in circles Still convinced every day is a chance to change I don’t know when I’ll hurt But I need to feel sad Captive […]

Lily & Madeleine – Bruises Lyrics

Bruises Lyrics By Sonreal [Lily & Madeleine] Covered in bruises, moving like an alien Smoke is heavy on your skin Slippin’ on the pavement and dreaming it was raining You […]