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Lindsey Lomis – DAYDREAMING Lyrics

DAYDREAMING Lyrics – Lindsey Lomis No counting sheep tonight Not in these sheets cause I Don’t need no R.E.M. but I Still see your face when I close my eyes

Lindsey Lomis – save your breath Lyrics

save your breath Lyrics – Lindsey Lomis (Save your) Wish that I could read your lips cause I wanna know Where you’re from where you’ve been and where you’re gonna

Lindsey Lomis – die with my friends Lyrics

die with my friends Lyrics – Lindsey Lomis Get a little sentimental when we’re packed in the backseat Making these plans that we know we can’t keep And we say

Lindsey Lomis – Winter Wonderland Lyrics

Winter Wonderland Lyrics – Lindsey Lomis Sleigh bells ring Are you listening? In the lane Snow is glistening A beautiful sight We’re happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland Gone

Lindsey Lomis – Magic in the Madness Lyrics

Magic in the Madness Lyrics – Lindsey Lomis I want to believe that all my little worries are deceiving Crying for no reason, living in the memories that I keep

Lindsey Lomis – Slow Motion Lyrics

Slow Motion Lyrics – Mr. Bungle I know it’s been a long day Just sit down and tell it to me I hope you don’t take this the wrong way