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Category: Little Simz

Little Simz – Sherbet Sunset Lyrics

Sherbet Sunset Lyrics By Little Simz La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, la-la La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, la-la That little grey area Yo It’s hard to talk about somethin’ that I don’t believe in L-O-V-E, can […]

Little Simz – Therapy Lyrics

Therapy Lyrics By Little Simz I’ve got used to spendin’ my time alone They ask me when I’m comin’ home My system on overload but money is on the phone […]

Little Simz – Pressure Lyrics

Pressure Lyrics By Little Simz Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. Little Simz Lyrics Little Simz – GREY Area (Album 2019) 01. Offence 02. Boss 03. Selfish […]

Little Simz – Venom Lyrics

Venom Lyrics By Little Simz Life sucks and I never tried suicide Mind’s f----- even more than I realize Time’s up, keep a league in when she arrives If you […]

Little Simz – Wounds Lyrics

Wounds Lyrics By Little Simz [Little Simz:] Your life, would you risk that? These kids never been bad Sixteen, run around with a big strap Gone, how many died from […]

Little Simz - Selfish Lyrics

Little Simz – Selfish Lyrics

Selfish Lyrics by Little Simz (Feat. Cleo Sol) [Cleo Sol:] I can’t sleep at night I don’t wanna fight My best friend tonight I’m so selfish Guess I’m in denial […]

Little Simz – 101fm Lyrics

101fm Lyrics Little Simz Mad Doing main road tryna get to the peso Doing up doing up doing up Mad Back when me and Avelino used to make tracks Live […]

Little Simz – Boss Lyrics

Stop f------ with my heart N---- you was my dream fool Ohhh now you a man, hoe I don’t need that stress That stress I’m a BOSS in a f------ […]

Little Simz – Offence Lyrics

Offence by Little Simz Released : 2018 Allow me to pick up where I left off The biggest phenomenon and I’m Picasso with the pen N***s always talk s--- until […]