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Category: Lizzo

Album: Cuz I Love You (2019)

Lizzo – Boys Lyrics

Boys by Lizzo Ay, boy, whatcha say, boy? You tryna play coy like a Gameboy? Hit my phone boy, is you home boy? Are you alone boy? Come give me […]

Lizzo – Lingerie Lyrics

Lingerie Lyrics by Lizzo [Lizzo] Hair down, moonlit Look at my lipstick So thick, so fit Wanna put your lips in places, ooh The sun don’t shine there I like […]

Lizzo – Heaven Help Me Lyrics

Heaven Help Me Lyrics by Lizzo [Lizzo] True story No glory, let’s go [Lizzo] Yeah, the old me used to love a Gemini Like a threesome, fuckin’ with him every […]

Lizzo – Better in Color Lyrics

Better in Color Lyrics by Lizzo [Lizzo] Black, white, ebony all sound good to me Two tone recipe, got good chemistry J. F. Kennedy’s, kiss hood celebrities Don’t matter to […]