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Category: Loïc Nottet

Loïc Nottet – Candy Land Lyrics

Candy Land By Loïc Nottet Lyrics It’s Halloween tonight And it’s gonna be our night How can we get her back The witch who would feed us [?] Hahaha she […]

Loïc Nottet – Candy Maker Lyrics

Candy Maker By Loïc Nottet Lyrics Asked about you have to know the story that has maybe sick of this stars She seemed kind twisted mind She made us eat […]

Loïc Nottet – 29 Lyrics

29 Lyrics by Loïc Nottet She said I never want to hurt you again I said I never want this to come to an end She said look at me […]

Loïc Nottet Lyrics

Loïc Nottet – On Fire Lyrics

On Fire Lyrics Loïc Nottet There was a little boy Too different to belong Too lonely to be strong (on fire, on fire, oh) Laying on the ground He said […]