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Category: Lolo Zouaï

Album: High Highs to Low Lows (2019)

Lolo Zouaï – Chain Lyrics

Chain By Lolo Zouaï I’ve been searching for Reasons to let you stay Distance built our walls We don’t feel the same So can I trust you now? Now that everything has changed […]

Lolo Zouaï – Money Diamonds Roses Lyrics

Money Diamonds Roses By Lolo Zouaï Money and diamonds and all of the roses Nothing compares to your love You give me something to believe in (Money, diamonds) When all the glamor is […]

Lolo Zouaï – Beaucoup Lyrics

Beaucoup Lyrics by Lolo Zouaï [Lolo Zouaï] Quand je parle je sais Que tu ne m’écoutes pas Quand je marche tu me suis Mais j’en ai marre de toi L’amour […]

Lolo Zouaï – Out the Bottle Lyrics

Out the Bottle Lyrics by Lolo Zouaï [Lolo Zouaï] I-I-I-I’m doing what I wanna I-I-I-I’m drinking out the bottle I don’t give a fuck Uh-uh-uh-uh She don’t give a fuck […]