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Category: Loote

Loote – are you sure? Lyrics

are you sure? by Loote I had this nightmare You woke up one morning and changed your mind I have irrational fears we’ve talked over a hundred times I love […]

Loote – she’s all yours Lyrics

she’s all yours by Loote Heard you got a girl and she’s so beautiful And you still hit my phone when you should be moving on She don’t do what […]

Loote – Lost Lyrics

Lost by Loote I think my heart got lost So tell me if you find it I think my heart got lost I wish it wasn’t like this F---, I’m […]

Loote – Tomorrow Tonight Lyrics

Tomorrow Tonight Lyrics by Loote I’m feeling foolish just because You’ve been fooling with someone Who is it who they used to be Someone who isn’t me Who’s bad idea […]

Loote – 85% Lyrics (Feat. gnash)

85% Lyrics By Loote (Feat. gnash) Put your cigarette out, know I hate those I hate how you left the bad taste in my mouth I believed what I wanted […]

Loote – Back Together Lyrics

Back Together by Loote Released : 2018 I miss you Driving us off the road Driving each other mad We were dysfunctional And I miss you Running through red lights […]

Loote – Your Side Of The Bed Lyrics

Your Side Of The Bed by Loote Released : 2018 Hope you never hear this You probably can’t deal with it Hope your family’s still doing great I’m missing every […]