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Category: Loren Gray

Loren Gray - Alone Lyrics

Loren Gray – Alone Lyrics

Alone By Loren Gray Your name in my mouth come out in cursive Red hearts round the letters on my mind The world could be on fire wouldn’t notice I’m […]

Big Wild – Touch Lyrics

Loren Gray – Cake Lyrics

Cake By Loren Gray Mmm-mmm Mmm-mmm (Think, think, think) Yeah Talk like you know everything Your way is the only way it’s gotta be No, I’m not your property (Yeah) […]

Loren Gray – Can’t Do It Lyrics

Can’t Do It by Loren Gray ft. Saweetie Let’s not be so cavalier about it We both know that we can’t go without it Hear your voice the way it […]

Loren Gray – Options Lyrics

Options Lyrics by Loren Gray [Loren Gray] Baby, I got options, I got options But I only want you Baby, I got options, I got options But I only want […]

Loren Gray – Queen Lyrics

Queen Lyrics by Loren Gray Cross my heart and hope to die I don’t need another guy To fight my battles To overshadow me Don’t you know I’m dangerous? Fire […]

Loren Gray – Kick You Out Lyrics

Kick You Out Lyrics Loren Gray No one haunts me like you do In the darkness of my bedroom It’s hard when what we went through It chases me ’round, […]