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Category: Lost Kings

Lost Kings – LA & The Parties Lyrics

LA & The Parties By Lost Kings Lyrics (feat. Sevyn Streeter & Luh Kel) Don’t need your money [?] on my self, whoa Don’t be surprised I’m not impressed by […]

Lost Kings – Try Lyrics

Try by Lost Kings I don’t know, don’t know how it seems but I ain’t tryna take your freedom I just wanna know where your heart’s at ‘Cause it’s been so long since you […]

Lost Kings – Too Far Gone Lyrics

Too Far Gone by Lost Kings Started buying me coffee in the morning You never do that I’m stopping conversations asking if I’m boring you Why do I do that? […]

Lost Kings - FU4E Lyrics

Lost Kings – FU4E Lyrics

FU4E Lyrics by Tobe Lost Kings [Lost Kings] Bang-bang, you always shut me down so carefully So I bled out and didn’t even realize I gave you all of the […]

Lost Kings – Anti-Everything Lyrics

Anti-Everything Lyrics (Feat. Loren Gray) I hate drinking coffee in the morning I hate that place everybody goes If it’s fun I’ll probably think it’s boring Just like that song […]

Lost Kings – Drunk as Hell Lyrics

Drunk as Hell Lyrics by Lost Kings (feat. Jesper Jenset) Last night, ’bout as good as it gets Until tonight, we do it again All I know is I’m here […]

Lost Kings – Stuck Lyrics

Stuck by Lost Kings (feat. Tove Styrke) Just because I can’t put my finger on the problem Doesn’t mean there ain’t a problem We’re so quick to think history could […]