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Category: Louis Baker

Louis Baker – Figure 8 Lyrics

Figure 8 Lyrics by Louis Baker Like déjà vu when I think about you Already seen but it’s something brand new History repeats and round and round we go Through […]

Louis Baker – Addict Lyrics

Addict Lyrics by Louis Baker What’s the meaning of this game I’ve got no one else to blame ‘Cause I’m an addict baby I’m an addict baby I’ve got panic […]

Louis Baker – Just A Memory Lyrics

Just A Memory Lyrics by Louis Baker I’ve crossed oceans Climbed mountains Trying to get away But the feeling’s still there I’ve seen the bright lights And the lonely nights […]

Louis Baker – Black Crow Lyrics

Black Crow Lyrics by Louis Baker Bathe my hands in indigo Make me pure like the driven snow Yes this world keeps turning But it’s so hard to stay On […]

Louis Baker - Heart On Fire Lyrics

Louis Baker – Heart On Fire Lyrics

Heart On Fire Lyrics by Louis Baker She makes earrings out of amethyst She’s got eyes of sapphires With her honesty she cuts me down But the softest smile That […]

Louis Baker – The People Lyrics

The People Lyrics by Louis Baker We are the people We have a choice We are the problem We are the solution We are the people We have a voice […]