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Category: Lovejoy

Lovejoy - Concrete Lyrics

Lovejoy – Concrete Lyrics

Concrete Lyrics – Lovejoy One, two, one, two, three, four If the words that we spoke enough ‘Cause the pubs are empty and they’re closing up He’s spitting spite as […]

Lovejoy - Perfume Lyrics

Lovejoy – Perfume Lyrics

Perfume Lyrics – Lovejoy It’s 3:45 (AM) And I just bite my tongue Update me on your life And now you’ve found the one But I don’t like his eyes […]

Lovejoy - The Fall Lyrics

Lovejoy – The Fall Lyrics

The Fall Lyrics – Lovejoy Under the weight of a broken nose It’s not that simple but he won’t seem to notice There must be more to this So leave […]

Lovejoy - Model Buses Lyrics

Lovejoy – Model Buses Lyrics

Model Buses Lyrics – Lovejoy I’m sure that your heart’s in the right place I’m sure that you break more than I make My mother says you’re up your own […]

Lovejoy - Taunt Lyrics

Lovejoy – Taunt Lyrics

Taunt Lyrics – Lovejoy She’s always asking, “Am I alright?” As if auspicious or in my pint I’ll find the answer or a good night Thank God the time is […]

Lovejoy - One Day Lyrics

Lovejoy – One Day Lyrics

One Day Lyrics – Lovejoy And stop ‘Cause why’d you have to kill my cat? Why’d I have to take you back? And time and time, I play the empath […]

Lovejoy - Sex Sells Lyrics

Lovejoy – Sex Sells Lyrics

Sex Sells Lyrics – Lovejoy You think he’d realize But he’s infatuated with ideas Of possessions and far-flung social policy His daddy works on the Council His missus loves the […]

Lovejoy - Cause for Concern Lyrics

Lovejoy – Cause for Concern Lyrics

Cause for Concern Lyrics – Lovejoy So what’s it to you? You’re down another 8 ball I haven’t even got a cue And you look dreadful When you jump to […]