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Category: Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner – Dear Ben Lyrics

Dear Ben Lyrics by Loyle Carner I’ve watched you grow From first kick, to first kiss Shoulder rides to sleepless nights Felt tip crows to scoring goals, and bedtime Katamino […]

Loyle Carner – Carluccio Lyrics

Carluccio Lyrics by Loyle Carner “Can I get the beat up a little bit?” [Loyle Carner] Don’t leave Please I reckon that you’re everything I need Uh, i know I’m […]

Loyle Carner – Looking Back Lyrics

Looking Back Lyrics by Loyle Carner [Loyle Carner] Must be a fly in here somewhere, well not anymore, heh heh [Loyle Carner] Face this Like water, never taste this Evil, […]

Loyle Carner – Krispy Lyrics

Krispy Lyrics by Loyle Carner [Rebel Kleff] It’s weird, man, I feel like I can’t play. It’s weird, man Every now and then like – I’m like playing and it’s […]