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Category: LP

Token – Same Difference Lyrics

Same Difference LYRICS Token Yeah, uh I used to look up to these artists that’s until I met some of them Talked to each other on the internet just ignoring […]

LP – Special Lyrics

Special LYRICS LP Yeah, the money and the fame Is all bullshit in the end But you know that there’s more gain If you let it win I feel so […]

LP – Shaken Lyrics

Shaken LYRICS LP All night, sippin’ on a feelin’ Won’t lie, was nervous for this evenin’ Then you arrive Oh God, why you gotta look so… So hot, rememberin’ your […]

LP – Die For Your Love Lyrics

Die For Your Love LYRICS LP Turn the lights up Nothin’ to hide from Let’s see those eyes Turn your glance up Girl just man up And be alright Let’s […]

LP – Hey Nice To Know Ya Lyrics

Hey Nice To Know Ya LYRICS LP It’s been long, long drawn Got my heart broke in the car Parked outside the minibar Oh whoa, lord It took me months […]

LP – House On Fire Lyrics

House On Fire LYRICS LP I can’t say yes or no We’ll never know, just lay low The timing gets to me I guess we’ll see as days go Believe […]