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Category: Lucki

Lucki – 2 Of You (Hearts) Lyrics

2 Of You (Hearts) By Lucki I’m tryna get, ayy, ayy I’m tryna get two of you Ayy, I’m tryna get, ayy Ayo, Llari, this s--- fire Ayy, money run […]

Lucki – TBT Lyrics

TBT By Lucki BrentRambo Yo, copy, ayy How far you wanna go in the back? I’m new to this money, I’m foreign to that Poppin’ these pinks, New York, I’m […]

Lucki – Left 4 Dead Lyrics

Left 4 Dead By Lucki Gotta watch where I go, I don’t hang like I, uh, ayy, ayy I’m working on dying I just want my racks, my lil’ baby […]

Lucki – Hollywood Dreamer Lyrics

Hollywood Dreamer By Lucki Ayy, ayy You know how that be, ayy You know how that, mmh You know how that be, ayy I was in Barney’s with my sack […]

Lucki – Geeked Lyrics

Geeked By Lucki Hmm That 40 on me, uh, yo, uh, yeah, yeah Condo, talk to me Yo, uh, ooh, uh, ayy, ayy Yo, uh, woo, uh, ayy, ayy I […]

Lucki – Beverly Hills to 35th Lyrics

Beverly Hills to 35th By Lucki Drive so sound like the panoramic open Codeine toxic, that’s my potion I got shawty from the low end, ayy, ayy Hood b----, but […]

Lucki – Randomly Lyrics

Randomly By Lucki My ex be fans of me When it all got real, you ran on me Two months ago couldn’t stand lil’ me Now she wanna be apart […]

Lucki – Way 2 Rare Lyrics

Way 2 Rare By Lucki Ain’t too many left that love me my way Ain’t too many left that wouldn’t, whoa Ain’t too many, whoa, ayy Ain’t too many left […]

Lucki – Go Away!! Lyrics

Go Away!! By Lucki She a throwaway, woah Can’t get high no, ayy, yo, ayy Ayy, ayy, ayy Can’t get high no more, tell me when it’s over She wanna […]

Lucki – RIP Act Lyrics

RIP Act By Lucki Woah, woah, b----, uh Woah, b----, uh Yo, Sawbuck like my best man Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy Sawbuck like my best man, she gon’ […]

Lucki – Me Myself & I Lyrics

Me Myself & I By Lucki Ayy, woah, ayy, woah, woah, ayy I really can’t, can’t trust nobody, ayy, woah What does this b---- want? Woah, ayy, ayy I really […]

Lucki – 4 The Betta Lyrics

4 The Betta By Lucki Lyrics ‘Cause I let her, she in these pockets, because I let her Haha Yo, yo, ayy Yo, ayy, yo, ayy Ayy, ayy, ayy Pull […]