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Category: Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye – Fade Away Lyrics

Lucky Daye – Fade Away Lyrics Oh-oh-oh Woo-woo-woo I just want this feeling to last I’ll beg, I’ll beg for you, they say Feels they change like the weather Close […]

Lucky Daye – Fly Lyrics

Fly By Lucky Daye The situation is dire But momma raised up a fighter It’s all come down to the wire But the come-up is higher I’m telling you, darling […]

Lucky Daye – Call Lyrics

Call by Lucky Daye Know it’s been a while since you left, I been solo (Solo) Now you like to dance, I went ham on your photos (Photos) Everything I […]

Lucky Daye – Late Night Lyrics

Late Night Lyrics by Lucky Daye The bigger we are, the harder we fall We swinging through walls from monkey bars Yeah, yeah My niggas say woah, woah You’re never […]