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Category: Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye – Fly Lyrics

Fly By Lucky Daye The situation is dire But momma raised up a fighter It’s all come down to the wire But the come-up is higher I’m telling you, darling […]

Lucky Daye – Call Lyrics

Call by Lucky Daye Know it’s been a while since you left, I been solo (Solo) Now you like to dance, I went ham on your photos (Photos) Everything I […]

Lucky Daye – Late Night Lyrics

Late Night Lyrics by Lucky Daye The bigger we are, the harder we fall We swinging through walls from monkey bars Yeah, yeah My n----- say woah, woah You’re never […]

Lucky Daye – Roll Some Mo Lyrics

Roll Some Mo Lyrics by Lucky Daye Released : 2018 We don’t know what we’re made of The same thing we’re afraid of might improve us Stay up all night, […]