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Category: Luh Kel

Luh Kei was born on May 20, 2002, in Tennessee, US. His real name is Turran Coleman. Ever since Turran was a kid, he was passionate and interested in rapping, song-writing, and music. As he grew up, Turran became an Instagram star who earned a lot of fame and attention for freestyle raps. On April 5, 2019, he released his solo-song named Wrong on his YouTube channel.

Luh Kel – Wrong Lyrics

Wrong By Luh Kel Girl, my mood changed when you walked through the door Before you came, it was tears on the floor Girl, you so perfect, I think that […]

Luh Kel – Down Lyrics

Down By Luh Kel I used to believe in love, but time has changed Love is not enough, but loving you in every way My heart is like a lock, you got the key […]

Luh Kel – Plans Lyrics

Plans By Luh Kel Uh look baby let me change your plans and wrap my hands around your waist tonight And baby girl I feel the vibes the time is right girl I’m gonna […]

Luh Kel – Gone Lyrics

Gone By Luh Kel I bought you gifts to make you happy Hoping that you would like it Want your attention shawty listen you ain’t just gotta fight it Girl for no reason I […]

Luh Kel – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely By Luh Kel Girl you took my heart and it’s too late to get it back Let go all the leggo play doh stuck like glue it’s too attached When I told you […]

Luh Kel – Two Rounds Lyrics

Two Rounds By Luh Kel You come around girl I get weak you put me in a trans I want your love I know it’s worth it just give me a chance I know […]

Luh Kel – Tweakin Lyrics

Tweakin By Luh Kel You got me tweakin’ (tweakin’) All in my feelings Ohh but I like it (yea) I can’t deny it (yea) You know what you doing Brain Like a Bruin […]

Luh Kel – Movie Lyrics

Movie By Luh Kel Netflix time for real, I got a Benz with a steel I’m in a Benz when I drill I’m in the Benz when I kill Drip, […]

Luh Kel – Cold Heart Lyrics

Cold Heart by Luh Kel: Cold Heart Lyrics: Yea, I knew one day that I’m gon’ make it I just gotta take it slow I know you hid and heal all this pain […]

Luh Kel – What U Do Lyrics

Luh Kel – What U Do Lyrics

What U Do by Luh Kel This is what you do This is what you do Yeah, this is what you do I ain’t never met nobody in this world that look like […]

Luh Kel - Pull Up Lyrics

Luh Kel – Pull Up Lyrics

Pull Up by Luh Kel I pull up to yo crib everytime I miss you And I love to hear your voice sound like a instrumental Girl I be going […]

Luh Kel – Old Me Lyrics

Old Me Lyrics by Luh Kel I went from gucci to louis to fendi to prada N----- be mad ’cause I came from the bottom They’ll be all mad but […]

Luh Kel - BRB Lyrics

Luh Kel – BRB Lyrics

BRB by Luh Kel (Hello?) Hello (What’s up with you?) (Every time you in my city you saying we gon’ link And I can never see you) Man, you know […]