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Category: Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham – Love Songs Lyrics

Love Songs By Lukas Graham I can go get wasted And you’re wastin’ time on me again I can hear you knockin’ On my front door and it’s 3 A.M […]

Lukas Graham – Scars Lyrics

Scars By Lukas Graham You’re not the only one who’s feeling broken You’re not the only one who feels alone You’re not the only one who’s feeling hopeless You’re not […]

Lukas Graham – Lie Lyrics

Lie by Lukas Graham: Lie Lyrics: So much for supposed-to-be’s Girl, I wish you luck getting over me And supposedly You’re with him, but wish you were holding me You wish you were […]

Lukas Graham – Hold My Hand Lyrics

Hold My Hand Lyrics by Lukas Graham Released : 2018 I’m losing my faith though I was never religious Losing my patience while I pray for forgiveness Washing my hands […]