Lukas Graham – Stay Above Lyrics

Stay Above Lyrics – Lukas Graham Up above the clouds, you know the sun’s still shinin’ So, I’m just not gon’ worry about the rain Either way, you looked at

Lukas Graham – By The Way Lyrics

By The Way Lyrics – Lukas Graham By the way you’re not the only one Who’s been afraid of feeling something You deserve as much as anyone Don’t run away

Lukas Graham – Say Forever Lyrics

Say Forever Lyrics – Lukas Graham Maybe you felt it, maybe you didn’t But there is a moment, where everything switches From the start ’til the end You had the

Lukas Graham – One By One Lyrics

One By One Lyrics – Lukas Graham Remember all my flaws and my mistakes Some of them I know are yours to make Remember me for who I was, who

Lukas Graham – Never Change Lyrics

Never Change Lyrics – Lukas Graham If I’m being honest Lately we’re not ourselves We’re breaking the promise To always be truthful ’til end I’m overreacting ‘Cause I wanna hear

Lukas Graham – Home Movies Lyrics

Home Movies Lyrics – Lukas Graham (feat. Mickey Guyton) There’s a boy Don’t know what he’s hiding He’s got his mother’s eyes and his daddy’s charm Just the right mix

Lukas Graham – Last Christmas Lyrics

Last Christmas Lyrics – Lukas Graham Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away This year to save me from tears I’ll

Lukas Graham – All Of It All Lyrics

All Of It All Lyrics – Lukas Graham I’m delirious We been up all night tryna make things right I’m, running out of words to say Why so serious Cause

Lukas Graham – Call My Name Lyrics

Call My Name Lyrics – Lukas Graham It’s true, you’re there for everybody else And you, forget to think about yourself And I know that you’re doing fine, on your

Lukas Graham – Happy For You Lyrics

Happy For You Lyrics – Lukas Graham Once you left I went to space I don’t recognize this place Where are you Where are you Now I miss the smallest

Lukas Graham – Where I’m From Lyrics

Where I’m From Lyrics – Lukas Graham I’m not forgettin’ where I’m comin’ from But I won’t forget where I’m goin’ I’ve worked too hard for me to not go

Lukas Graham – Share That Love Lyrics

Share That Love By Lukas Graham I remember driving, I’m outside Smoke’s up and doors open The suns ain’t on rise but it’s alright ‘Cause we don’t know where we’ll

Lukas Graham – Love Songs Lyrics

Love Songs By Lukas Graham I can go get wasted And you’re wastin’ time on me again I can hear you knockin’ On my front door and it’s 3 A.M

Lukas Graham – Scars Lyrics

Scars By Lukas Graham You’re not the only one who’s feeling broken You’re not the only one who feels alone You’re not the only one who’s feeling hopeless You’re not

Lukas Graham – HERE (For Christmas) Lyrics

HERE (For Christmas) Lyrics By Lukas Graham Every year round this time I start to think about you We’re really gonna have another Christmas Eve without you I can’t believe

Lukas Graham – Lie Lyrics

Lie by Lukas Graham: Lie Lyrics: So much for supposed-to-be’s Girl, I wish you luck getting over me And supposedly You’re with him, but wish you were holding me You wish you were