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Category: Mac Miller

Mac Miller – Right Lyrics

Right By Mac Miller Yeah, it’s been a while without your face But I saw your picture on the wall the other day Too much distance, too much space You […]

Mac Miller – Circles Lyrics

Circles By Mac Miller Well, this is what it look like right before you fall Stumblin’ around, you’ve been guessing your direction Next step, you can’t see at all And […]

Mac Miller – Complicated Lyrics

Complicated By Mac Miller Outside is cloudy, but I like that better (Better, better) Behind the wheel, but still ain’t on my way Some people say they want to live […]

Mac Miller – Blue World Lyrics

Blue World By Mac Miller It’s a blue world without you It’s a blue world alone Yeah, well, this mad world made me crazy Might just turn around, do one-eighty […]

Mac Miller – I Can See Lyrics

I Can See By Mac Miller I’m so close I can taste it The man on the moon keep playing Practical jokes, planting the mirrors and smoke That I fade […]

Mac Miller – Everybody Lyrics

Everybody By Mac Miller Everybody’s gotta live And everybody’s gonna die Everybody just wanna have a good, good time I think you know the reason why Oh, oh, oh, oh […]