Magdalena Bay – Slug Song Lyrics

Slug Song Lyrics – Magdalena Bay I see you from my window Don’t you mind the road ahead You know what you’ve got to do You’ve already come You’ve already

Magdalena Bay – EXO Lyrics

EXO Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Red Is running through my head Castle on a hill But nobody’s home EXO EXO/LO Love in the air There’s air in the bag A

Magdalena Bay – 2 Wheel Drive Lyrics

2 Wheel Drive Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Two-wheel drive Apple of my eye Call my name Two-wheel drive River running dry When you call my name Two-wheel drive Well, maybe

Magdalena Bay – Tonguetwister Lyrics

Tonguetwister Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Mouth open wide With no alibi It’s a day in the life Of losing out to your insides Say you’re surprised The sun’s in your

Magdalena Bay – Top Dog Lyrics

Top Dog Lyrics – Magdalena Bay I’m top dog And I like to swim in the dark And if you know the movie Wild at Heart Yeah, I can be

Magdalena Bay – Unconditional Lyrics

Unconditional Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Unconditional I’ll give you everything you’ll ever want Unconditional I’ll tear another piece out of my heart Blowing through the afternoon Brought you ten balloons

Magdalena Bay – All You Do Lyrics

All You Do Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Help me out I can’t take the way my face blurs in a crowd Drive around Show up uninvited, conversate too loud I

Magdalena Bay – The End Lyrics

The End Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Matt, Matt Wake up I was thinking about how there’s no true end to anything Everything comes from and goes to the same place:

Magdalena Bay – Halfway Lyrics

Halfway Lyrics – Magdalena Bay No matter where you start or where you end You are in between the where and when You are in the middle of the loop

Magdalena Bay – Prophecy Lyrics

Prophecy Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Always wanted to believe In some destiny to guide me Found no answers in my dreams No constellations that could show me Up until you

Magdalena Bay – Domino Lyrics

Domino Lyrics – Magdalena Bay I love a winner You bear your weight in gold Runt of the litter I’ll never bear my soul But, ah You dance, you dare,

Magdalena Bay – Dreamcatching Lyrics

Dreamcatching Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Picture Yoshino With pink petals floating in the air I wanna go there Train window facing east And you’re always next to me And I’m

Magdalena Bay – The Beginning Lyrics

The Beginning Lyrics – Magdalena Bay He was a lonely cynic No hero nor a villain inside Until he had a vision She had golden eyes and spoke her mind

Magdalena Bay – Hysterical Us Lyrics

Hysterical Us Lyrics – Magdalena Bay Down the road where the kids don’t play alone Or in your home There’s a fog, it’s a shadow, a smoking gun That something