Maggie Rogers – Overdrive Lyrics

Overdrive Lyrics – Maggie Rogers My love would you walk For hours just to talk Cause you did it better When you were on my side Covered in leather Now

Maggie Rogers – Be Cool Lyrics

Be Cool Lyrics – Maggie Rogers Sick of the sound of self importance I fucked off for a month of two Needed a summer just to be a teenager Drunk

Maggie Rogers – Shatter Lyrics

Shatter Lyrics – Maggie Rogers Coming up for oxygen The world’s the same But something’s changing You see it on the street again Lighting up The strangest faces And it

Maggie Rogers – Honey Lyrics

Honey Lyrics – Maggie Rogers Oh I believe In the way I loved you then And the way you held my hand It wasn’t circumstance Or anomaly But power’s about

Maggie Rogers – Symphony Lyrics

Symphony Lyrics – Maggie Rogers Hold on baby Don’t break maybe We could spend the night or an hour watching your favorite show Take my hand now Don’t speak so

Maggie Rogers – Horses Lyrics

Horses Lyrics – Maggie Rogers Watch you go Cross the street Like a dream out my window Sucking nicotine down my throat Thinking of you giving head You said you

Maggie Rogers – Want Want Lyrics

Want Want Lyrics – Maggie Rogers If you want-want what you want-want, then you want it You’re better than the men I knew When we were in a band and

Maggie Rogers – Back In My Body Lyrics

Back In My Body Lyrics by Maggie Rogers [Maggie Rogers] I was stopped in London when I felt it coming down Crushing all around me with a great triumphant sound

Maggie Rogers – Burning Lyrics

Burning Lyrics by Maggie Rogers [Maggie Rogers] I’ve been sleeping Barely dreaming Through one year and one half Found another Called him my lover Helped me get my old self

Maggie Rogers – Retrograde Lyrics

Retrograde Lyrics by Maggie Rogers You said, “I can’t take no more” Lying by the sycamore And I know we’ve both been here before You said, “Fuck, let’s leave the

Maggie Rogers – Say It Lyrics

Say It Lyrics by Maggie Rogers [Maggie Rogers] Standing in the open light Within the swelter of the night I found myself staring at you And every time our fingers

Maggie Rogers – Past Life Lyrics

Past Life Lyrics by Maggie Rogers Oh, I could feel the change a-comin’ Felt it in the breeze Oh, I could feel the change a-comin’ Comin’ right for me Oh,

Maggie Rogers – The Knife Lyrics

The Knife Lyrics by Maggie Rogers The knife of insight tore its way in me A bad collision without sympathy And maybe when the sun goes down Come ’round, or

Maggie Rogers – Overnight Lyrics

Overnight Lyrics by Maggie Rogers [Maggie Rogers] I remember we were layin’ there, throwback Sitting on the front lawn talking When I lost it, oh, I lost it I remember