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Maisie Peters – Two Weeks Ago Lyrics

Two Weeks Ago Lyrics – Maisie Peters I wish it was two weeks ago In your room that night, I wish I’d known When you held me tight, wish I

Maisie Peters – Lost The Breakup Lyrics

Lost The Breakup Lyrics – Maisie Peters Got the news just last month That I am exhausting and you’re not in love Didn’t say it in those words But I

Maisie Peters – Body Better Lyrics

Body Better Lyrics – Maisie Peters I was good to you Could lay my head up on your chest And hear I was good for you Got your heartbeat at

Maisie Peters – ​Not Another Rockstar Lyrics

Not Another Rockstar Lyrics – Maisie Peters Hand me down jewels and your dirty blonde hair I think you’re so cool and different, and then The law pulls up and

Maisie Peters – Good Enough Lyrics

Good Enough Lyrics – Maisie Peters I guess I took it for granted You’d bury me someday All the big plans that I planted While you planned your own escape

Maisie Peters – Blonde Lyrics

Blonde Lyrics – Maisie Peters I’ll fuck your life up as a blonde (I’ll fuck your life up as a blonde) Nothing more frightening Than a woman scorned And a

Maisie Peters – Cate’s Brother (Matt’s Version) Lyrics

​Cate’s Brother (Matt’s Version) Lyrics – ​Maisie Peters Mm, mm-hmm, mm Mm-hmm, mm Mm I threw this Halloween party And I invited forty of my best friends Cate and Tommy

Marlon Williams – My Boy Lyrics

My Boy Lyrics – Marlon Williams He’s all to me and more Nothing can touch my boy He’s all I’m living for Nothing can touch my boy He don’t hold

Maisie Peters – Cate’s Brother Lyrics

Cate’s Brother Lyrics – Maisie Peters I threw this Halloween party and I invited forty of my best friends Cate and Tommy showed up, I got ’em a drink, said

Maisie Peters – I’m Trying (Not Friends) Lyrics

I’m Trying (Not Friends) Lyrics – Maisie Peters London 2020 Boy and a girl broke up, yeah, it’s two a penny And I been tryna make a big step forward

Maisie Peters – Outdoor Pool Lyrics

Outdoor Pool Lyrics – Maisie Peters Bleached tips and a rugby sweatshirt Two apart in Chemistry First boy with a driver’s licence Heard you took Rebecca to HMV Saw you

Maisie Peters – Love Him I Don’t Lyrics

Love Him I Don’t Lyrics – Maisie Peters I could see a bloodbath coming Playing checkers as the flat was flooding I wasn’t eating and you still said nothing Better

Maisie Peters – Boy Lyrics

Boy Lyrics – Maisie Peters I heard you had a lot of therapy When you were seventeen For your anger issues If I had a pound for every hole I

Maisie Peters – Hollow Lyrics

Hollow Lyrics – Maisie Peters I wasn’t broken till you tried to fix me I wasn’t lonely till you came around It’s all magic till you see the trick, babe

Maisie Peters – Villain Lyrics

Villain Lyrics – Maisie Peters You were sitting right there on the fire escape And you look into her eyes Said, “I think it’s gonna rain”, and I I feel

Maisie Peters – Elvis Song Lyrics

Elvis Song Lyrics – Maisie Peters (You were always on my mind) Cold bench on a platform Last train on the Northern Line I’m trying to keep you out my

Maisie Peters – Talking To Strangers Lyrics

Talking To Strangers Lyrics – Maisie Peters There’s a man in a shop Worked there for years He knows your birthday And I know that’s weird He keeps a scratchcard

Maisie Peters – Tough Act Lyrics

Tough Act Lyrics – Maisie Peters We rode it to a dead end Saying goodbye to a best friend Is the bad part of the right thing to do I

Maisie Peters – Volcano Lyrics

Volcano Lyrics – Maisie Peters I wished you happy birthday, and you still said nothing I’ll throw you in a volcano, I hope death is sudden And when I say

Maisie Peters – You Signed Up For This Lyrics

You Signed Up For This Lyrics – Maisie Peters I am twenty and probably upset right now I still haven’t got my driver’s license And I am sorry to make