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Category: Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters – April Showers Lyrics

April Showers by Maisie Peters LYRICS Ten days since we left things I die just a little every minute that the phone don’t ring I heard you’re moving on Heard […]

Maisie Peters – Adore You Lyrics

Adore You by Maisie Peters LYRICS Eyes meet across the floor Your name, I underscore My friends say “What you waiting for?” (Maisie!) (Oh, what are you waiting for?) Fast […]

Maisie Peters – Stay Young Lyrics

I wanna say it like Simon would ‘Cause I was listening this morning On my own thinking if I could I’d be Kathy and make this bus a greyhound And […]

Maisie Peters – Birthday Lyrics

Birthday by Maisie Peters Released : 2017 You would always show up late A deck of excuses in your hands I would be the first to claim I didn’t mind […]