MAJIK – Talk To Me Lyrics

Talk To Me by MAJIK Released : 2017 Talk to me And if it don’t work in your company You should just know that it’s done for me Full Lyrics

MAJIK – High Lyrics

High by MAJIK Released : 2017 ‘Cause I can be high for days, high for days, on you Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can

MAJIK – How It Is Lyrics

How It Is by MAJIK Released : 2017 Tears fall every time I think of leaving You mess around and I tell you how it is What’s the deal, please

Majik – 27 Lyrics

27 by Majik Released : 2017 I get so lost sometimes My mind’s so fucked sometimes I see no compromise Let’s compromise I get so lost sometimes My mind’s so

MAJIK – Friends Lyrics

She told me wake up, if you wanna be, all you can be She told me shape up, if you wanna see, all you can see I’m high like I’m