Mallrat – Wish On An Eyelash Lyrics

Wish On An Eyelash Lyrics – Mallrat I’ve been trying to tell ya, I’ve been dying to tell ya Want you all to myself, I want you all to myself

Mallrat – Heart Guitar Lyrics

Heart Guitar Lyrics – Mallrat I feel you standing at my door I hear your footsteps, know how your keys sound when you’re getting close And I hear your car

Mallrat – Obsessed Lyrics

Obsessed Lyrics – Mallrat Some days I wait in the sun rays ‘Til I’m bored to death, and I’ve burnt my face Eyes open, I’m hoping you’ll ask, and baby

Mallrat – Butterfly Blue Lyrics

Butterfly Blue Lyrics – Mallrat Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby lou Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby lou I’m butterfly, butterfly, butterfly blue Lullaby lou When we first met, I was too young for you

Mallrat – Arm’s Length Lyrics

Arm’s Length Lyrics – Mallrat You’re almost at an arm’s length now My hand is close enough to hold Stay in my palm for now And wrapped around my finger’s

Mallrat – To You Lyrics

To You Lyrics – Mallrat I’ve given so much away My loving has gone to waste But I’ve got a lot to give And that’s how I like to live

Mallrat – Surprise Me Lyrics

​Surprise Me Lyrics – Mallrat Why does it surprise me when you find me? Is the night young? Is it like me? C’mon, spit it out now, stay beside me

Mallrat – Teeth Lyrics

Teeth Lyrics – Mallrat It’s in my hair, in my sleep In my hands, in my teeth It’s in my chair, it looks like me And when it stands, I

Mallrat – Your Love Lyrics

Your Love Lyrics – Mallrat I know your type, what you likes A young corpse bride, cold as ice I’m alive but I’m on fire If that’s alright, I want

Mallrat – Rockstar Lyrics

Rockstar Lyrics By Mallrat You’re my darling, I’m on stand by Doesn’t make sense, don’t understand why Keep me guessing, make me crazy Who’s been messing with my baby? Fuck

Mallrat – Charlie Lyrics

Charlie By Mallrat And I know it’s bad But I just can’t wait Till you feel in love When you see my face Well I go to bed But I’m