Mansionair – Shallow Water Lyrics

Shallow Water Lyrics – Mansionair You’re never on my side I’ll let sleeping dogs lie And hope that the silence says enough Why doesn’t it happen The way that I

Mansionair – Next High Lyrics

Next High Lyrics – Mansionair Loosen up, took a minute to get lost To see if I could find a way ‘round Cause you’re all i’m thinking about But I

Mansionair – Don’t Wait Lyrics

Don’t Wait Lyrics – Mansionair Never could admit Something that I did Calling all your friends I hear their whispers Will you be home at ten? Can you let me

Mansionair – MORE Lyrics

MORE Lyrics – Mansionair Bought this Need that Line up Double tap Compete Compare Blue light Stay there Score kicks Relax Refresh Climax Limelight Landfill Inside I want more Short

Mansionair – Guillotine Lyrics

Guillotine Lyrics – Mansionair I got one, two, 99 problems And the cig in my hand it ain’t one And I’m trying to quit but I can’t As I flick

Mansionair – We Could Leave Lyrics

We Could Leave Lyrics by Mansionair [Mansionair] I’m only flickering It’s just a phase I’m in Not the shape I fit How’d I get so tongue tied? So sorry I’m

Mansionair – Shadows Lyrics

Shadows Lyrics by Mansionair [Mansionair] The streets are quiet and my heart feels like fire So I guess and play the waiting game Make no mistake, my heart lies awake

Mansionair – Falling Lyrics

Falling by Mansionair Released : 2018 I think I’ll borrow tomorrow’s happiness for today I lent on the cracks of all this love and it went away Falling I’m falling

Mansionair – Technicolour Lyrics

Technicolour by Mansionair We dive into the blue I can’t hold onto you Staring the illusion in the eye And when the colors blur We forget who we were And