Marc E. Bassy – Good Morning Lyrics

Good Morning Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Good morning, good morning Tears from the sky are pouring The city isn’t mourning The boys are out here touring Last night was

Marc E. Bassy – Power Lyrics

Power Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Don’t give up your power Don’t give up your power, babe Don’t give up your power Don’t give up your power You’re the sexiest

Marc E. Bassy – Daddy Interlude Lyrics

Daddy Interlude Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy She came in through the bathroom window Baby, I saw her, don’t lie, yeah Ain’t gon’ ask what you into Baby, I know

Marc E. Bassy – How Dare I Lyrics

How Dare I Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Hauling fast off the formula No crash, just pass All the stress California leaves Stuck in my head Can’t say you would

Marc E. Bassy – Levels Lyrics

Levels Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy I could say that I tried and couldn’t reach the level But I’m out on a high and I can see the level Flying

Marc E. Bassy – Miss Thang Lyrics

Miss Thang Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Heart racin’ at a shutter speed Takin’ pictures of your dreams They’re close as the crow flies But with traffic, it’s a slow

Marc E. Bassy – Too Real Lyrics

Too Real Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Even though it all changed, I’m gon’ still sing your praises girl, your praises girl We were one in the same, now we’re

Marc E. Bassy – Feel Different Lyrics

Feel Different Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy You wouldn’t ride for me Knowing all the ways that I tried to be Someone that would make you feel different Someone that

Marc E. Bassy – Dying Breed Lyrics

Dying Breed Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy I like what you look like in the morning After we were out the whole night… Picture perfect fine for the photos Real

Marc E. Bassy – Kills Me Lyrics

Kills Me Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy I wrote this for you cause calling ain’t gon fix what’s been wrong We’ve been holding on to this for too long I

Marc E. Bassy – Future Love Lyrics

Future Love Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy Whippin in a foreign Oooo this life boring Stuck on auto pilot Wanna drive it like its stolen Perfect little frame on you

Marc E. Bassy – Dreaming Lyrics

Dreaming Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy I picked you flowers on your birthday It’s not like me at all I walked in you’re standing with a bouquet It could’ve been

Marc E. Bassy – Closer Lyrics

Closer Lyrics – Marc E. Bassy There’s a jungle out there they say Filled with superstition Get on your knees and pray If you pay maybe she’ll listen It’s a