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Category: Marc Vinyls

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Rapper/Song-Writer from Connecticut. 22 years old, Hip-Hop Spread Co-founder.

Marc Vinyls- Goodbye 22 Lyrics

[Intro] Goodbye 22 this that record where I sit back and reflect on myself as Im entering a new year of life you know how I do and it go […]

Marc Vinyls – Amen Lyrics

Amen by Marc Vinyls Released : 2017 Im all up on my moves and I’m all up on my grind don’t tell me what to do I don’t really got […]

Marc Vinyls – Outsider Lyrics

[Intro] I love talking on my intros But i’ll tell you one thing No matter how many times they close the door on me imma keep banging on that mothafucka […]

Marc Vinyls – In The Air Lyrics

In The Air by Marc Vinyls Feat. Ehfar Released : 2017 [Intro] They dont know my time is coming man Like I been dropping a song every week for the […]

Marc Vinyls – Look Lyrics

Look by Marc Vinyls Feat. Brownman Released : 2017 [VINYLS VERSE] Look My next move to the stars so thats marc my words the best dude by far I dont […]

Marc Vinyls – Guidance Lyrics

(Demons in my mind as im rollin thru the city Im drowning by the bottle and im f------ up my kidney I need, I need Your help, Your help I […]

Marc Vinyls – Soulmate Lyrics

Soulmate by Marc Vinyls Feat. Gallo Released : 2017 I ask you when Im gonna meet you I stay searching for that one I think we all do But dont […]

Marc Vinyls – Unknown Lyrics

Unknown by Marc Vinyls Released : 2017 I been praying to a god that i don’t know Everything im saying in slomoo Where do i go Who do i call […]

Marc Vinyls – Angels & Demons Lyrics

Lord gimme an angel someone whose faithful this is world is so hateful you running through my mind and I really can’t take you james harden at the garden when […]

Marc Vinyls- All My Life Lyrics

[HOOK] All my lifeee, All my lifeee yeah All my life yeah All my lifeee, yeah All my life Alll my lifeee, yeah All my life All my lifeee [Verse] […]