Marc Vinyls

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Rapper/Song-Writer from Connecticut. 22 years old, Hip-Hop Spread Co-founder.

Marc Vinyls – C.H.A Lyrics

ft. Mud.Jpg Yeah The dungeon sounds like the dungeons here like dun na With the homie and we really doing jack shit Marc my words yeah we really bout this

Marc Vinyls- Goodbye 22 Lyrics

[Intro] Goodbye 22 this that record where I sit back and reflect on myself as Im entering a new year of life you know how I do and it go

Marc Vinyls – F.A.D. (From A Distance) Lyrics

F.A.D. (From A Distance) by Marc Vinyls Released : 2018 Yeah I’m tired everything looking great from a distance Friends faded Now they gone You could hate it I got

Marc Vinyls – Amen Lyrics

Amen by Marc Vinyls Released : 2017 Im all up on my moves and I’m all up on my grind don’t tell me what to do I don’t really got

Marc Vinyls – Outsider Lyrics

[Intro] I love talking on my intros But i’ll tell you one thing No matter how many times they close the door on me imma keep banging on that mothafucka

Marc Vinyls – See You Go Lyrics

See You Go by Marc Vinyls Released : 2017 [Intro] I dont wanna see you go I just wanna let you know I dont wanna see you go I just

Marc Vinyls – In The Air Lyrics

In The Air by Marc Vinyls Feat. Ehfar Released : 2017 [Intro] They dont know my time is coming man Like I been dropping a song every week for the

Marc Vinyls – Look Lyrics

Look by Marc Vinyls Feat. Brownman Released : 2017 [VINYLS VERSE] Look My next move to the stars so thats marc my words the best dude by far I dont

Marc Vinyls – Guidance Lyrics

(Demons in my mind as im rollin thru the city Im drowning by the bottle and im fucking up my kidney I need, I need Your help, Your help I

Marc Vinyls – Soulmate Lyrics

Soulmate by Marc Vinyls Feat. Gallo Released : 2017 I ask you when Im gonna meet you I stay searching for that one I think we all do But dont

Marc Vinyls – Serendipity Lyrics

I think I found my lane I think I found my lane and its all from pain getting lost in stuff think I found my lane think I found my

Marc Vinyls – Unknown Lyrics

Unknown by Marc Vinyls Released : 2017 I been praying to a god that i don’t know Everything im saying in slomoo Where do i go Who do i call

Marc Vinyls – Angels & Demons Lyrics

Lord gimme an angel someone whose faithful this is world is so hateful you running through my mind and I really can’t take you james harden at the garden when

Marc Vinyls- All My Life Lyrics

[HOOK] All my lifeee, All my lifeee yeah All my life yeah All my lifeee, yeah All my life Alll my lifeee, yeah All my life All my lifeee [Verse]