Marcus Mumford – Only Child Lyrics

Only Child Lyrics – Marcus Mumford On my shoulder Is relayed away Do you always love to smoke by 8? ‘Cause baby don’t mind It’s never colder When the daylight

Marcus Mumford – Dangerous Game Lyrics

Dangerous Game Lyrics – Marcus Mumford (feat. Clairo) Tennessee heat in a wood panel room I put myself into his care again In a high school chair for the visiting

Marcus Mumford – Better Angels Lyrics

Better Angels Lyrics – Marcus Mumford Dawn hits The sunrise on my breath The fog lifts From pretending to forget All the nights we left those bereft street hotels To

Marcus Mumford – Go In Light Lyrics

Go In Light Lyrics – Marcus Mumford (feat. Monica Martin) Cry havoc in the evening Sirens in the morning Peace by the afternoon I was planning on leaving Unless you

Marcus Mumford – Stonecatcher Lyrics

Stonecatcher Lyrics – Marcus Mumford (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) Who am I? Rambling at my reflection in the rear-view light Following a stranger, praying for a fight Or the strength to

Marcus Mumford – How Lyrics

How Lyrics – Marcus Mumford I have wondered what was done to you To give you such a taste of flesh I guess for years I just carried on Didn’t

Marcus Mumford – Better Off High Lyrics

Better Off High Lyrics – ​​Marcus Mumford Bless that medicine For bringing round that click in your head Better off high than dead When you are stripped bare When you

Marcus Mumford – Grace Lyrics

Grace Lyrics – Marcus Mumford Well, how should we proceed? Without things getting too heavy Even though I’d never tell you everything I could’ve sworn I’d dropped that bomb on

Marcus Mumford – Cannibal Lyrics

Cannibal Lyrics – Marcus Mumford I can still taste you, and I hate it That wasn’t a choice in the mind of a child and you knew it You took