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Category: Marlon Craft

Marlon Craft - Loved Lyrics

Marlon Craft – Loved Lyrics

Loved By Marlon Craft This is a letter to my future son I hope you know that you the one Hope you know the list is short of things from […]

Marlon Craft – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely By Marlon Craft i’m lonely. i could turn a W to an L i’m lonely. i could take something wonderful make it hell i been tryna fill a void […]

Marlon Craft - High Time Lyrics

Marlon Craft – High Time Lyrics

High Time By Marlon Craft marijuana dispensaries around the country are staying open during shelter-in-place orders in some states, that’s because lawmakers and regulators are classifying the business as ‘essential’.” […]

Marlon Craft – Mom’s Whiskey Lyrics

Mom’s Whiskey By Marlon Craft I been drinkin’ all my mommas whiskey I been stayin’ up alone at night I been thinkin’ bout’ mistakes i’m payin” for for which I […]