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Category: Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix – Drown Lyrics

Drown By Martin Garrix I’ve been tryna keep my distance But in an instant, you break me down I know better than to want you But I succumb to you […]

Martin Garrix – Home Lyrics

Home by Martin Garrix (feat. Bonn) Oh, I was hiding from the pain But now I’m tired of running Felt like the gods forgot my name In my head, I […]

Martin Garrix – Mistaken Lyrics

Mistaken Lyrics by Martin Garrix (feat. Alex Aris) Oh, we’ve been at it for so, so long And you keep telling me that I’m wrong And your eyes only see […]

Martin Garrix – No Sleep Lyrics

No Sleep Lyrics By Martin Garrix (feat. Bonn) [BONN] Summer nights all align As we drown in the moonlight We collide in plain sight Yeah, I know we’ll be alright […]