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Category: Masego

Masego – Big Girls Lyrics

Big Girls by Masego Big white house with the chains in the [?] Fender guitars and they hang in the air Ladies are large, they look amazing in here It’s her birthday, got her […]

Masego & FKJ – Tadow Lyrics

Tadow by Masego & FKJ I saw her and she hit me like (Tadow) Saw that thing so beautiful (Tadow) She just hit my heart, oh (Tadow) Full force and […]

Masego – Queen Tings Lyrics

Queen Tings by Masego Feat. Tiffany Gouché Released : 2018 I see Lupita You Know I got the jones For my own Rashida Can you put me on With Danai […]

Masego – Old Age Lyrics

Old Age by Masego Feat. SiR Released : 2018 He he he he, so where you gon’ go with that? How you doing miss Johnson? How you doin’ baby? Fat […]