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Matoma – Bruised Not Broken Lyrics

Bruised Not Broken Lyrics by Matoma (Featuring Kiana Ledé & MNEK) Searchin’, lookin’, all around For somethin’ I still haven’t found Words so heavy, it gets me down And though […]

Matoma – Not Coming Home Lyrics

Not Coming Home by Matoma Feat. JRM Released : 2018 Please don’t call my phone right now ‘Cause I don’t wanna answer I’m too busy drinkin’ and I’m talking to […]

Matoma – Heartbeats

Matoma – Heartbeats Lyrics

Heartbeats by Matoma Feat. Nina Nesbitt Released : 2018 Came in like fire Over my body don’t think I can get any higher It’s out of our control I don’t […]

Matoma – Lost At Sea Lyrics

Lost At Sea by Matoma Released : 2018 Need a break from heartbreak Need a love that won’t hate Need a spark that won’t burn And a hand that won’t […]

Matoma – Pieces Lyrics

Pieces by Matoma Feat. Noah Kahan Released : 2018 When you drink you show your teeth at me Does it bring you peace to win so easily? Are you so […]

Matoma – All Night Lyrics

All Night by Matoma Released : 2018 I been up all night, no sleep Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming All night, no sleep Cause I feel like I’m […]

Matoma – Telepatía Lyrics

Telepatía by Matoma Feat. Luis Figueroa Released : 2018 Sube El deseo va por las nubes De tus labios me como el dulce Me emborracho con tu perfume Sube sube […]

Matoma – Losing It Over You Lyrics

Losing It Over You by Matoma Feat. Aymé Released : 2018 I don’t know if you’re alone now Or if you found someone that you can spend the night with […]

Matoma – False Alarm Lyrics

False Alarm by Matoma Released : 2018 I heard sirens in my head From the first time that we met Thought it was a false alarm Yeah, we started as […]

Matoma – Lights Go Down Lyrics

Lights Go Down by Matoma Feat. James Newman Released : 2018 When I wake in the night And I’m reaching for you There’s a place in my dreams Where you’re […]

Matoma – Sunday Morning Lyrics

Sunday Morning by Matoma Feat. Josie Dunne Released : 2018 I probably shouldn’t say this Should keep it all inside But maybe I’m just wasted Enough to speak my mind, […]

Matoma – One In A Million Lyrics

One In A Million by Matoma Released : 2018 We’ve been waiting for this far too long Ready to surrender what we’ve done We be pushing away that pain Pushing […]