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Category: Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples – Hard To Leave Lyrics

Hard To Leave Lyrics by Mavis Staples Out pour tears “Miss you dear”s Late night calls of longing Pressing play On Marvin Gaye Trying to right the wrongings Softly reaching […]

Mavis Staples – Stronger Lyrics

Stronger Lyrics by Mavis Staples Samson tore the building down Moses climbed to higher ground And when it comes to me and you There ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do Nothing […]

Mavis Staples – Sometime Lyrics

Sometime Lyrics by Mavis Staples Everybody’s gonna have to give sometime Gonna have to give sometime Got to give sometime Everybody’s got to give sometime You got to give sometime […]

Mavis Staples – Anytime Lyrics

Anytime Lyrics by Mavis Staples Give me a one way ticket Somewhere I’ve never been I’m rock, paper, scissors And I’m bound to win You can’t shake me And there […]

Mavis Staples – Change Lyrics

Change Lyrics by Mavis Staples Gotta change around here Gotta change around here Can’t go on this way Things gotta change around here Say it loud, say it clear Things […]